A Simple Start to Decluttering

Small steps to turn your home into a sensual sanctuary, rather than a stressful dumping ground

Your home needs space to breathe and give you headspace for creativity and relaxation. Family homes can easily turn into a hoarder’s paradise rather than a minimal sanctuary to relax and recharge in. Decluttering is a great way to unburden a lot of stresses but it can be overwhelming to get started. I’ve created some simple steps to get you started on a path to creating a sensual sanctuary.

Let’s explore it further — step by step:

Bedrooms: Closets, Bedside tables/drawers, Linen/Towels

Sometimes we hang on to clothing for nostalgic purposes and if you are still wearing it, then it isn’t so bad BUT if you are one of those people that have loads of items in your closet that you have not worn for over 12 months but just keep thinking you will eventually fit into then it might be best to have a clear out.

I think there are exceptions to this rule like certain coats, dresses, suits — classic items that will not go out of fashion and you might only wear occasionally then keep them but not if they are 3 sizes too small unless you think you are realistically going to get back down to that size.

However, if you are holding onto old jeans and t-shirts just because you might one day fit back into them — donate them to charity. The same goes for any other items you just do not really like that much anymore. Dump all of your clothes in the middle of your bed and go through each item and see do you love it, if you don’t donate it to charity.

Bedside tables/drawers should be kept near, tidy and relaxing. They should not be piled high with books, magazines, kindle, paperwork, multiple notebooks, etc. I think the perfect bedside table would contain a pen and notepad for writing those last reminders before bed or during the night as this will help you go back to sleep, one book you are reading, a lovely lamp and sensual smelling candle and that is it really…ok and maybe some massage oil!

Make your bedroom a relaxing place, get rid of the electronics, and turn your bedroom into a haven not an extension of our home office

I think lots of us have probably far too many towels and bed linen than we need and a lot of it is probably far too worn, old and tired. Only buy what you need from now but buy good quality that will last and also make you appreciate the quality when you get out of the shower or climb into bed. Much better having a couple of great duvet covers rather than 5 below average cheap duvet covers. You want to surround yourself with a few great quality purchases that make you feel great.

Living Area: TV Cabinets and/or other storage / Bookshelves / Coffee Tables and Side Tables

I don’t know about you but this area of my house is a bit of a dumping ground. In my TV cabinet, there are two large drawers. The first one is full of receipts — I end up having to use this drawer quite often when returning goods or utilising warranties etc. However, I think there are much better places for these to be stored so I am going to remove them from the entertainment cabinet. Empty all drawers and shelves of any old, paperwork, DVDs, games, etc that you honestly doubt you will use again.

I LOVE reading so I have large bookshelves in my living area, they started as nicely sized and in their categories’ — fiction, non-fiction, cooking, autobiographical, educational, etc but overtime these shelves have become a bit of a go-to just stack/store anything I’m not sure where else to put. So remove everything and start again. Try ordering them in colours or categories but leave some space for photos or the occasional trinket. While doing this process start piles of books you will not read again that you can give to friends, colleagues or charity. Not only will you declutter but you are giving other people the opportunity to enjoy a book or learn and develop themselves for free or a fraction of the price of a new book.

Wow, this is turning into a confession post…not only do I LOVE books but I also LOVE magazines. Magazines along with coffee and red wine are my indulgence purchases. Sort through your magazines and photograph any useful articles that you want to keep then give them away either to work, friends or local doctors’ surgeries, etc.

Bathrooms: Make-up, drawers, unused products

If you are the type of person that only buys your makeup products as you run out, well done! In my experience, though most of us are not like that at all — we purchase makeup when we see the next trend, or just to make us feel extra special for a night out, or when we want to cheer ourselves up or see a very effective advertisement.

This leads to us having multiple palettes of eyeshadows, dozens of shades of lipsticks, all sorts of primers and foundations, etc. The thing is many of these products do have a used by date so I bet once we do this we will be throwing away quite a lot of products — which will make you feel liberated and your bathroom a lot neater!! Makeup and skincare products have a use-by date too so throw away old stuff.

Once you have thrown away everything that is past its best then buy a lovely storage box that will fit in all remaining products do you do not have them scattered all over the bathroom and in different drawers etc. When you do this you forget about them and all those gorgeous products do not get used.

While doing this you might notice you have unopened gifts, or samples or just products you bought then forgot about why don’t you still all of these into a box and take them to your local women’s refuge. I have done this previously and it makes me feel happy that even though these women are going through terrible, stressful times that at least they have the option of using a nice product to make them feel a bit more normal that day.

Kitchen: Pantry, Fridge, Equipment

Ok open that pantry door and empty everything and I mean everything out of it. You need to have a couple of good strong bin bags ready as you need to go through and check all best before dates — anything out of date — throw away. When storing everything back make sure you put the oldest products to the front so you will use them first. Do not keep buying more and more food goods if you already have enough. Use what you have and get creative with your recipes. If you realistically are not going to use something give away these items to neighbours or friends so they can use them before they go out of date.

Do the same with the fridge — empty everything, really check all dates and then restock with things you need soon at the front.

Do you need two blenders or are you ever going to use that slow cooker that your husband hates? If not then give it away or sell them.

Do this decluttering exercise every 6 months and I’m sure your home will be a lot less cluttered, but you are also creating space for new items to be manifested into your life to bring you more joy.

I want to empower women to live their happiest and most fulfilled life. Single mum, blogger, red wine lover, avid reader, skilled at Tsundoku, always learning.

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